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vendredi 11 septembre 2020

Compromised Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump epub - Peter Strzok


Peter Strzok is the FBI agent who started it all.” David Martin, CBS Sunday Morning The FBI veteran behind the Russia investigation draws on decades of experience hunting foreign agents in the United States to lay bare the threat posed by President Trump. When he opened the FBI investigation into Russia’s election interference, Peter Strzok had already spent more than two decades defending the United States against foreign threats. His career in counterintelligence ended shortly thereafter, when the Trump administration used his private expression of political opinions to force him out of the Bureau in August 2018. But by that time, Strzok had seen more than enough to convince him that the commander in chief had fallen under the sway of America’s adversary in the Kremlin. In Compromised , Strzok draws on lessons from a long career from his role in the Russian illegals case that inspired The Americans to his service as lead FBI agent on the Mueller investigation to construct a devastating account of foreign influence at the highest levels of our government. And he grapples with a question that should concern every U.S. citizen: When a president appears to favor personal and Russian interests over those of our nation, has he become a national security threat?

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