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mercredi 10 février 2021

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Money management

It is challenging to ask the people around you to follow a  budget. The more you force people to limit their personal rewards, the more they want to spend. If you want your entire household to follow a budget, you need to 'package' it in a different way. Most professional financial planners, for instance, prefer to call it 'proper allocation of funds' to make their clients accept the idea of budgeting.

When we follow a budgeting plan, we are not depriving ourselves. Rather, we are forgoing immediate gratification in exchange for greater rewards in the future. If you want to be successful in in the long run, you need to practice letting go of instant gratification.

We practice this principle consistently in all areas of life. Most people already have the  budgeting skills  they need. Most of us know how to avoid unnecessary expenses. If you commute to work for example, you may have selected a route that gets you to work with the least expenses. If we do not follow a budget, we would just take the most convenient means of transportation without thinking of the cost. Because we care about being efficient with our money however, we usually avoid expensive forms of transportation.

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