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mardi 21 juin 2022

How to Write a Business Plan PDF

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Write a Business Plan

You need a sound business plan to start a business, run a business or raise money to expand an existing one. For over 30 years, How to Write a Business Plan has helped fledgling entrepreneurs—from small service businesses and retailers to large manufacturing firms—write winning plans and get needed financing.

This bestselling book contains clear step-by-step instructions and forms to put together a convincing business plan with realistic financial projections, effective marketing strategies, and overall business goals.

You'll learn how to :
  • Figure out if your business idea will make money,
  • Determine and forecast cash flow,
  • Create profit and loss forecasts,
  • Prepare marketing and personnel plans,
  • Find potential sources of financing,
  • Present your well-organized plan to lenders and other backers,
  • Learn about best practices for raising money, from SBA loans to equity crowdfunding.

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