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dimanche 18 octobre 2020

The Alice Network - A Novel

Download free book in PDF format "The Alice Network - A Novel"

A powerful story, brimming with audacity and intrigue, This ebook will catch the reader from the very first page and take him or her on an unforgettable journey.

The forgotten history of the largest network of spies of the First World War.

One year after the outbreak of the Great War, Eve Gardiner was eager to take part in the fight against the Germans and was recruited as a spy.
Sent to occupied France, she is trained by Lili, code name: Alice, who leads a vast network of secret agents to fight against the enemy.
Thirty years later, haunted by the betrayal that led to the dismantling of the Alice network, Eve, now an alcoholic, lives in seclusion.
Until the day when Charlie, a young student who wants to find her cousin who disappeared in France during the last war, arrives at her home and says a name she hasn't heard in decades.
Their meeting will lead them on a mission to discover a truth that has been buried for too long.

This breathtakingly fast-paced story features courageous heroines who, faced with dramatic challenges, are ready to give their lives, and villains we love to hate. A fascinating mix of historical novel, mystery, and romance, there's something for everyone.

The author "Kate Quinn" is shaping up to be one of the best authors of her kind. The plot is consistent, the rhythm is mind-blowing, the story is both lively and full of detail. Fans of historical novels, spy novels and thrilling dramas will love every moment of it.

Readers of this lovingly crafted novel, rich in detail, are sure to be captivated by the way Quinn evolves his characters. It's a powerful novel that will be hard to let go.

The author offers us a fascinating story. In this breathtaking story, the reader will feel like an accomplice in the clandestine adventures of the truculent Eve and the courageous Charlie. Full of suspense, captivating, The Alice Network is a must read.

Download Free ebook in PDF Here

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