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mardi 26 janvier 2021

Download Hooked How to Build Habit-Forming Products PDF

Download PDF eBook "HOOKED"

Description :
In this eBook "Hooked" Nir Eyal reveals how well companies create products that people can't get rid of - and how you can also read For everyone who cares about catalyzing customer engagement, do some products capture our attention while others fail? What causes us to engage in certain things out of habit? Is there a basic pattern of how technologies relate to us?

Nir Eyal answers these questions using the hook model, a four-step process that, when incorporated into products, subtly encourages customer behavior. Through successive "hook cycles", these products bring people back over and over again without relying on costly ads or offensive messages. Hooked draws on years of research, consulting, and hands-on experience. He wrote the book he wished had available to him as a junior founder - not an abstract theory, but a how-to guide for building better products. Hooked has been written for product managers, designers, marketers, start-up founders, and anyone seeking to understand how products affect our behavior.

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