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mardi 3 novembre 2020

Finish What You Start - The Art of Following Through, Taking Action, Executing & Self-Discipline by Peter Hollins

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Practical tactics to develop your willpower, stop procrastination, focus like a laser and achieve whatever you decide to do. Follow through and finish what you've started - skills that are more valuable than you think. They are a combination of traits that allow you to create the life you want - without having to compromise or wait. The alternative is a status quo in which you are stuck. Is your life a series of unfinished tasks and intentions? Finishing what you start is a unique and in-depth dive into the psychology and science of achievement, productivity and accomplishment. It examines in detail why we sometimes get stuck and offers detailed, step-by-step solutions that you can start using today. Every phase of completion and follow-up is covered, and even productivity professionals will be able to learn something new. Above all, it is a guide to better understand your brain and your instincts for optimal results. has studied psychology and advanced human performance for over a dozen years and is a best-selling author. He has worked with dozens of people to unleash their potential and their path to success. His writing draws on his academic, coaching and research experience. Resists distractions, demotivation, temptations, laziness and excuses :

  • Surprising motivations to overcome obstacles.
  • How daily rules and a manifesto can help you achieve.
  • Valuable and insightful mindsets to see productivity in a whole new light.Size self-control and finally reach your big and small goals.
  • The science and tactics to easily overcome procrastination.
  • The traps of concentration and willpower that you are probably committing right now.
  • How to overcome distractions, stay focused, stay on task and get to the essentials - consistently
  • Transform your life through productive habits and avoiding mental traps You only have 24 hours in the day, but so does everyone else.

You can be among those who make the most of it and accomplish exactly what they want. The ability to finish and follow the parallels of your ability to be happy and fulfilled. Your life is in your hands, so enjoy it!

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