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mercredi 21 octobre 2020

Then She Was Gone A Novel - Lisa Jewell

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Ellie Mack was the perfect girl. She was fifteen years old, the youngest of three. Loved by her parents, friends and teachers, and half a couple of golden teenagers. Ellie was just a few days away from an idyllic summer holiday after exams, with her whole life ahead of her.

And then she was gone.

Now her mother, Laurel Mack, is trying to rebuild her life. It's been ten years since her daughter disappeared, seven years since her marriage ended and only a few months since the last clue in Ellie's case was discovered. So when she meets a man of unexpected charm in a café, no one is more surprised than Laurel at how quickly their flirtation turns into something deeper. Before she knows it, she meets Floyd's daughters - and her youngest, Poppy, takes Laurel's breath away.

Because looking at Poppy is like looking at Ellie. And now the unanswered questions she tried so hard to put to rest are beginning to haunt Laurel again. Where did Ellie go? Did she really run away from home, as the police have long suspected, or was there a more sinister reason for her disappearance? Who is Floyd, really? And why does his daughter so viscerally remind Laurel of her own missing daughter?

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