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samedi 31 octobre 2020

The Essentials of Supply Chain Management New Business Concepts and Applications / Hokey Min

 Download eBook PDF Format "The Essentials of Supply Chain Management"

This eBook shows how to achieve continued organizational success by applying modern supply chain concepts. Reflecting her recent experience working with senior executives and managers, Min teaches highly effective methods for supply chain thinking and problem solving. You will master an integrated, holistic systems approach that puts functions such as inventory control and transportation into context, helping you smoothly integrate internal and external functions and establish effective business-to-business cooperation and strategic alliances across business chains. 'complex procurement. The coverage includes :

  • Understand modern sourcing, logistics, operations, sales and marketing - and how they fit together,
  • Use modern supply chain methods to improve customer satisfaction and quality,
  • Work with cutting-edge supply chain technology and metrics,
  • Towards greater sustainability and more effective risk management,
  • Work with basic analytical tools to assess supply chain practices and measure performance,
  • Legal, ethical, cultural and environmental aspects / sustainability of modern supply chain operations,
  • How to Build a Career in Global Supply Chain Management.

The essentials of supply chain management will be an indispensable resource for all graduate and undergraduate students in supply chain management, and for every practitioner pursuing professional certification or leadership training in the field. . .

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