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lundi 26 octobre 2020

Dutch For Dummies - Margreet Kwakernaak

 Download eBook PDF Format "Dutch For Dummies"

This simple guide for Dutch grammar, pronunciation and everyday sentences makes this vibrant language accessible to English speakers - whether you're visiting or planning to stay in the long term Dutch For Dummies is the essential guide for everyone from students and tourists to those who want to speak Dutch for business purposes .

From numbers and vocabulary to common greetings and expressions and correct etiquette, this clear and easy-to-follow guide will have you speaking Dutch like a native in no time.

This eBook includes :

  • Introductory Grammar and Vocabulary,
  • Meet and get to know people,
  • Eating out, shopping, entertainment and the workplace,
  • Dealing with emergency situations,
  • Tips on how to quickly learn the Dutch language.

Download eBook PDF Here

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