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mercredi 4 décembre 2019

Lean System Management for Leaders 2018

A New Performance Management Toolset

Description :
Richard Mallory introduces a leadership framework for system management, including practical tools and guidance for its use. It enables an agile quality framework throughout an entire organization that will build the kind of ''learning organization'' championed by Peter M. Senge in his classic book,The Fifth Discipline. This innovative framework opens a broad new horizon for management science through the use of structured leadership systems as a new foundation for organizational structure.

This book shows leaders how to achieve superior leadership results by applying a Lean DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) structure to leadership systems and program office operations. It provides specific guidance on system improvement through development of best known practice, achievable best practice, and an operational plan to carry it out.

Mallory shows leaders how to align and evaluate systems using a Lean approach, that will eliminate duplication and waste of executive and senior management time, and that will reduce the wait time and non-value add in dependent processes.

The book shows how to set up an organization-wide scorecard to rank the maturity and capability of fact-based management in all systems, projects and processes throughout an organization, as a means of creating sustained and predictable delivery of excellent products and services.

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